5 reasons why you should hire a translation agency

Anyone doing international business is inevitably faced with the subject of multilingualism. The question of whether a translation agency should really be commissioned or whether machine translations are not sufficient is becoming increasingly common. We have 5 good reasons why you should leave this work to a professional partner!

Do I need a translation agency for good translations?

A good translation is more than a mere transformation of words. For a successful result, the translation must be accurate and stylistically impeccable. Only translators who live with a language and understand the underlying culture are able to reach a high language level and deliver flawless work. To use suitable wording, a translator must be a native speaker and must have studied his language. Just as having 10 fingers does not automatically mean that someone can play the piano, knowing several languages does not automatically mean that someone is able to translate!

Choose a reliable, experienced partner

Trust, reliability and transparency form the basis for good collaboration between the translation agency and the customer. Therefore, it is vital to choose a renowned service provider who is familiar with the industry and who has a strong team of qualified translators who are native speakers. Our translators are specialised in various subject areas. Apart from a broad spectrum of languages, they are proficient in the use of modern communication media.

Unser Übersetzungsbüro in Deutschland liefert Ihnen zielgerichtete Ergebnisse mit konstanter Qualität nach ISO 17100.

Why you should not select a translation agency solely on the basis of the price

To avoid sacrificing the quality of your translations, ask the service provider for references instead of focusing on the price alone. A professional translation agency would have a good network and be able to present references of numerous large customers that regularly make use of its services. Moreover, it would keep customer databases that enable customers to

Pricing of translation agencies

Our translation rates are transparent. Thus, our customers know what they can expect and are not surprised by any hidden costs. A translation agency should be able to operate beyond its home base and address the special needs of each customer. The service spectrum of a good translation agency includes not only technical translations, but also certified translations that are readily accepted by authorities.

From the outset, a company should work with a professional service provider who maintains close contact with the customer. Such a professional translation agency is a long-term market player that supplies many regular customers with reliable translations.

Reason 1: Evaluation

First of all, our translation agency offers customers an evaluation of the files to be processed. In this context, we tell customers e.g. how they can improve their instructions in order to avoid product liability and save costs by improving the structure. Good coordination of the corporate t

Translation services for businesses of all sizes

Regardless of whether you submit a large order or a tiny translation job, we will handle it meticulously and speedily. By coordinating your specialised terminology in advance, we ensure a perfect result in line with our reputation as a professional service provider.

Personal contact

For you as a customer to feel comfortable, a friendly contact is of utmost importance. Our team members are always available to you. Making use of state-of-the-art communication media, they speedily take care of your questions and instructions. Thanks to the intuitive design of our website, you can easily find your way around and submit an order with just a few clicks. Requests for quotations are free of charge. Additionally, we offer our customer fixed rates to enable them to calculate their costs. Flexible volume-based billing is also possible. Many of our regular customers prefer this billing method.


Reason 2: Long-standing experience

Our translation agency has more than 20 years of experience in the field of technical translations. Numerous renowned corporations have made use of our services for many years. If you wish, we can send you a list of some of our references. We also prepare translations for a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. On request, we work according to the ISO 17100 standard.

We take time for the systematic handling of customer requests. Moreover, we have a strong team that is familiar with the most common foreign languages as well as languages not so common. Though most of our customers are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, customers from various other countries also benefit from our speed and experience.

Translation into 49 languages

Our native speakers offer translations into 49 languages.

This includes Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani​, Bengali​, ​Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish​, Dutch, English (GB/US)​, Estonian​, Finnish​, French​, German​, Greek​, Hebrew​, Hindi, Hungarian, Irish, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Marathi, Macedonian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (P/BR), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (E/MX), Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Request translations that meet your needs

Work with a translation agency that will take care of all important aspects of the translation.

Simply specify the source language of your document, the target language you want us to translate into, and the subject area. We will answer your enquiry on the same day during our office hours, providing information on the translation costs and the possible date of delivery. Benefit from our wealth of experience and get professional assistance for your translation orders.

Unser Übersetzungsbüro verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in verschiedensten Branchenzweigen.

Reason 3: Translation quality

Fair rates are not the only thing our customers need. The quality of translations, too, is a key factor that determines the customer satisfaction and, in the case of certified translations, the acceptance by the authorities. In view of the serious consequences that translation errors can have for our customers, we offer professional translations according to the ISO 17100 (DEKRA) standard. Our translation agency works exclusively with qualified native speakers who deliver premium quality.

ISO 17100 quality standard

Our certification according to ISO 17100 (DEKRA) means that our customers get high-quality translations thanks to audited, reliable quality management. To obtain this certification and to maintain our quality standard, our team members need to furnish evidence of their specialised training und continue to develop their language skills. Furthermore, we guarantee secure, confidential handling of any sensitive data that our customers make available to us. Apart from a secure connection for the transmission, we make sure that the files continue to be handled confidentially during the translation stage.

Translation with smart databases

Apart from clean semantics, syntax and punctuation, our translation agency also pays attention to clean formatting and layout of the texts, which has a significant impact on the translation costs. To be able to offer a high text quality and consistency, we develop databases with corporate terminology in collaboration with our customers. External translators who work for our translation agency are required to meet high standards. On request, we deliver translations according to the ISO 17100 standard, which provides for a review by another translator. The double check helps to avoid errors. The result is a high-quality translation that meets the standards defined for our certification.

Qualitative Übersetzungen nach dem Qualitätsstandard 17100 (DEKRA)

Reason 4: Speed, delivery time

We are aware of the time pressure our customers are often subject to when they ask for a translation. Certified translations often need to be submitted to authorities on short notice. This includes the translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. that our native speakers are able to translate perfectly into the needed languages. In order to accommodate this time pressure, we agree a specific deadline with our customers, which they can rely on. Should the work be finished earlier, we will of course deliver it immediately.

Time efficiency thanks to trained translators

No matter how much time pressure there is, we work meticulously and check repeatedly whether everything is OK with the text preparation and the actual translation. In this way, errors can be avoided without letting you wait unnecessarily. Each of our team members is specialised in his subject area and has a perfect command of his native language. Furthermore, our team members are carefully selected and undergo intensive training. In this way, we are able to offer our customers professional translations of a high quality.

Qualified translators for maximum quality

The satisfaction of our customers is our main concern. Therefore, we regularly check the performance of our team members and help them to improve both the translation process and the quality of technical translations. The high motivation of our team members contributes to a result that you will surely be satisfied with. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with a particular aspect of the translation, our translation agency will revise the respective passages and apply any improvement proposals that you might have.

Concerning the translation of marketing texts: 

Marketing texts are a special subject area, as their main purpose is not merely to present facts – as in the case of technical translations – but to convey emotions and inspirations. This requires a different approach for different languages and cultures. Of course, JABRO would be pleased to translate your marketing texts. Though we will of course translate such texts accurately, the translations should merely be used as a basis for the work of a professional advertising agency in the respective country, who know best how to make the texts appealing for your customers!

Schnelle Übersetzungen bei JABRO Übersetzungsbüro

Reason 5: Service

Many Internet users speak little or no English. Therefore, companies must be able to offer translations in other common languages. In this way, they can make sure that they do not lose any potential customers and can generate more revenue with their products and services. Therefore, it would be advisable to present your offering, not only in English, but also in other languages. Our translation agency helps you to find selected languages with which you can perfectly reach customers. In this way, you will be able to boost your sales.

Technical translations

Our translation agency prepares technical translations speedily. Additionally, customers can benefit from our premium services. For example, we can directly upload your translations to your website or web shop. In this way, the uploaded files can easily be accessed online. This can save a lot of time and additional costs for web content management.

Convenient translation of numerous file formats

We translate all common file formats, such as txt, doc, docx, dot, docm, xml, xls, xlsx, pps, ppsx, html, xhtml, sgml, dita, properties, mif, rtf, inx, idml, incx and many others. Moreover, our technical translations are prepared with the help of Across – a professional translation management tool that is based on complex database from which you can benefit.


The quality of our translations is assured. Lean back while our experts take care of the translation of your order. Many customers try to save money by working with inexpensive companies that have little experience, or they might try to have their translations done internally by employees who know the respective language. The result is usually a bitter disappointment. Problems include both a lack of consistency and errors that can easily creep in and damage the company’s reputation. All of this can be avoided by engaging a professional translation agency, which will make sure that errors are prevented from the outset.

Cost savings by working with a professional partner

Having translations done by internal employees is more expensive than having them done by a professional service provider who works with translation memories. Translation memories are the key to reducing the costs of subsequent translations.

Benefit from our reliable services, which will not disappoint you. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Kundenfreundlicher Service beim Übersetzungsbüro JABRO


So why should you work with a translation agency?

Are you looking for a translation agency that is always available and handles all orders competently? Our translation agency gives you five good reasons why you should embark on a long-standing cooperation with us.

Do not leave your texts to chance or mediocre translation agencies that lack experience or are not certified. Opt for a professional agency that is is capable of handling technical translations effectively.

Speedy translation, fair rates

With a lot of commitment and passion for their work, our native speakers take care of your translation, focusing both on quality and on speedy delivery. Please feel free to request a quotation. We would be pleased to discuss all important details with you in order to ensure a high-quality translation.

We offer our customers fair rates and professional advice. Though our range of customers mainly comprises medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries, we also work with English and Chinese-speaking businesses. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and contact us today!

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