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Your reliable translation experts for the Berlin region

We offer our customers from Berlin professional technical translations in various subject areas. Our team’s range of services also includes legal translations.
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Your competent translation agency for the Berlin region

Our translation agency has already worked for Berlin for many years, providing reliable and professional translation services for the languages you need. Each and every translation is prepared meticulously in order to avoid errors and inaccuracies from the outset.

Our main priority is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. For this reason, we maintain close contact with the customers for whom we prepare technical translations. To deliver professional, consistent results, we use corporate terminology that is maintained in our databases. The translations of our qualified translators – all of whom are native speakers – meet all common standards and are prepared on time by the translation agency for Berlin.

Premium technical and certified translations for Berlin

Our translation agency for Berlin operates in various areas, offering high-quality translations for businesses. Our fields of specialisation include the translation of technical documentation, construction plans, catalogues, IT texts, instruction manuals and many other texts into 49 languages. Our team also delivers certified translations. No matter whether business documents or marriage certificates, birth certificates, school reports or other documents are concerned, our legal experts prepare certified translations into the requested target languages.

Our legal experts deliver professional translations that are suitable for official use around the globe. Our translators are aware of how time-critical many certified documents are.

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With more than 20 years of industry experience and a team of qualified translators – all of whom are native speakers – we offer you certified translations according to
ISO 17100 and comprehensive services.

Work with native speakers

Qualified translators only – all specialised in their respective subject areas

Standards-compliant translations

On request, we prepare standards-compliant translations with double-checking

Encrypted transmission of order data

Automatic SSL encryption to protect your confidential data

Punctual delivery of your translations

Professional work in the time frame agreed with you

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Save with us! The use of databases in which we store our translations enables us to offer lower rates in the long run, as previously translated passages can be reused and are not charged for.
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Target-oriented translations by native speakers

All translators who work for our translation agency for Berlin are carefully selected native speakers who have a perfect command of the source and target languages (i.e. their native language). All our translators are duly qualified, and many of them are engineers or technicians. On request, we work according to the ISO 17100 standard, which provides for an additional review by an independent second translator. Upon completion, the orders undergo further checks in order to make sure that your translations are correct and of a high quality.

A certified translation can only be prepared by a sworn or authorised translator. We have a team of such translators, whose translations are accepted by all authorities. Moreover, we provide our team members with regular training and make sure their legal expertise is always up to date.

Our legal experts are specialised in translating such sensitive documents and contracts. Our customers’ documents are processed with great care, as we are aware of the grave legal consequences a faulty translation can have. Thus, our range of customers includes law firms, courts and authorities that need correct legal translations. Before the translations are delivered to the customer, they are reviewed several times.

Certified according to ISO 17100

Being certified according to ISO 17100, our translation agency operates at a much higher level than uncertified agencies. The certification necessitates regular training of our internal project managers and due certification of our translators. Technical translations that are prepared by our company’s translators can be double-checked by a second independent translator. This standards-compliant procedure ensures the best possible translation result.

We deliver on time according to the schedule agreed with you. We do not keep you waiting! Should a project be ready ahead of the deadline, we will of course deliver it to you immediately, giving you more time for your further internal processing.

Confidential data processing

No matter whether legal or certified translations are concerned – JABRO processes all orders with strict confidentiality. We treat all customer data confidentially and keep them secure against unauthorised third-party access. Both our translators and our post-processing experts comply with these privacy regulations. Our external team members, too, are committed to data protection. Finally, we automatically delete the finished translations from the translator’s system.

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