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JABRO company history

Pragmatic and straightforward

Due to his technical background, Janusch Brodnicki, founder and Managing Director of JABRO GmbH, favours a pragmatic, straightforward approach. To him and his team, facts are what count. “To gain our customers’ trust, we take each and every customer order very seriously”, says Janusch Brodnicki.
The reference list gives you a glimpse of some of the customers who have appreciated the professional work of JABRO for many years.

The first translation agency to deploy Across

In 2002, we were the first translation agency to adopt Across, a software platform for language resources and translation processes. Thus, we have been familiar with the program and its functionality for many years, and we are always up to date. In 2008, JABRO was one of the first and is still one of the few translation agencies to obtain EN 15038:2006 certification from TÜV with an excellent rating. Since 2016, we have been certified by DEKRA according to ISO 17100. Besides technical documentation – our field of specialisation – we translate professional texts from the fields of marketing, IT, business and law into 49 languages. We mainly work for direct customers.

Your are a professional? So are we! Language is dynamic and therefore subject to constant change.

We always keep this in mind while processing your documents. Our qualified translators – many of whom have an engineering background – are native speakers who live in their own countries. The proximity to their language enables them to keep track of any changes, some of which also impact the respective field of specialisation. Making use of your corporate technology and our databases, we create consistent text that is pleasant to read and meets your expectations.

Traditional agency with strong innovative drive

JABRO was already successful at a time when the Internet was not yet as common as today and translations were still sent by regular mail or fax. Under the guidance of Janusch Brodnicki, the company has always been quick to adopt new technical developments in the field of translation services. He has always been one of the first to deploy the latest software for the benefit of the growing customer base.

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