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Have you commissioned a translation agency for German-English and are absolutely disappointed by the result? If so, you have come to the right place. We offer you the translation quality you are looking for.

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English – German

We translate your English texts into German.

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German – English

We translate your German texts into English.

Why you should only entrust an expert with your technical translations


Technical translations according to ISO 17100

Our experts translate texts from various subject areas from German into English and vice versa. We take care of your translation work and deliver flawless professional texts according to your needs, allowing you to focus on your actual business.
Have you ever been shocked by the poor quality delivered by rogue translation agencies that offer dumping prices? Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish – let our professional translators provide you with premium quality at fair rates.
Our translation agency for German ↔ English has been certified according to ISO 17100 for many years. This clearly distinguishes us from many other translation agencies. On a yearly basis, we are audited for our compliance with the obligation to work with qualified translators only. The audit also comprises all other internal processes. Thus, our customers have a sound basis for entrusting us with their projects.

German ↔ English translations by qualified translators who are native speakers and linguists

Our team consists exclusively of qualified translators who are native speakers and linguists. Many of them are technicians and engineers. Our translators are highly quality-oriented – an aspect that is of great importance for your documents.

We are ready to tackle any challenge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

From the order placement to the project delivery, our technical translations follow a structured procedure according to the ISO 17100 standard. In this way, potential errors are avoided from the outset. This includes the inspection of the files as well as their adaptation and correction – if necessary also of the content (in coordination with the customer). In this way, insurance claims and other problems are avoided. Other processes include the coordination of corporate terminology and the answering of any subject-related questions of the translators. Upon completion of the translation and review, JABRO conducts a final check.

We master even complex translations

Even large projects that need to be split and distributed to multiple translators do not pose a problem. To ensure the consistency and quality of the translations, all translators who work as part of such a special team are provided with access to well-maintained customer-specific databases and the texts and terminology they contain.

Qualified translators and sworn translators

Our translation agency for German ↔ English takes care of the entire organisation of your translation projects from the assignment to our qualified translators – all of whom are native speakers and linguists – to the delivery on or before the due date. The certified legal translations that you receive from our sworn, authorised translators are stamped and ready for submission to the authorities.

Apart from technical translations, we also offer national and international customers legal and medical translations. Whether in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or other cities – thanks to new, modern communication means, we can offer translations throughout Germany without being directly on site.

Straightforward communication

You can easily communicate with us by e-mail and by telephone. Thus, you can always check out the current status of the translation. Should a translation be ready prior to the agreed deadline, we will of course make it available to you immediately, enabling you to use the time saved for the speedier processing of your project. Our specialists for legal translations make sure that from the legal perspective, you are always on the safe side. Our range of customers includes numerous law firms, notaries as well as private individuals who need legally flawless translations.

Translations for medical technology

Our translations are also appreciated by numerous manufacturers of medical equipment. For this subject area, we have specialised translators who focus exclusively on the field of medicine.

Translation agency with
certified quality

We only work with certified experts and native speakers. Benefit from efficient translations into the languages you need.

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Overview of your benefits

Any questions about our services? Please do not hesitate to contact our service team to clarify any questions. We would be pleased to show you how we can roll out your translation project without any hassle. Instruction manuals, construction plans or technical documentation – whatever the challenge is, we deliver high-quality translations at fair rates!

Work with native speakers

We only work with certified experts who are native speakers and linguists.


Standards-compliant translations

Your translation is prepared by translators who are certified according to the ISO 17100 standard.


Encrypted transmission of order data

Secure transmission of the order via SSL connection


Punctual delivery of your translations

We deliver your translations on time as agreed with you


Translation agency for German ↔ English with long-standing experience

Our project managers personally take care of all projects they are entrusted with and keep track of the translation process. Are you tired of being connected to someone else each time you call your translation service provider? If so, you will enjoy working with us – we make sure you always have a competent personal contact. We focus on the customer and his needs. Our specialists for urgent jobs make sure that you get your projects as quickly as possible. For a reasonable surcharge, we can provide you with an express translation.

Our translation agency for German ↔ English is always ready to lend an ear to its customers in and around Berlin, a city with a truly cosmopolitan flair.

More languages, more customers

With the help of our services, Berlin-based companies can contact customers around the globe in order to expand their business. Concentrate on your core business while we take care of your translation project. We will send you the translation as soon as it has been finished and checked – often even before the agreed deadline. You can count on our punctuality!

We focus on customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our main concern. We welcome your feedback, and we take any criticism seriously. Simply tell us what you do not like – we will quickly make any needed changes.

Sworn translators for your certified translations into English

Our sworn and authorised translators prepare certified translations that are suitable for official use in Germany and abroad. Often, such translations often need to be submitted to the authorities on short notice. If speed is what your are looking for, you have come to the right place. Of course we also place great emphasis on data protection. We maintain strict confidentiality, making sure that no third parties can gain access to any internal details. This applies to all our employees and translators.

The data transmission takes place with secure SSL encryption in order to prevent unauthorised access. Only reliable staff members are granted access to the data to be translated, and only during the translation process. Upon completion, all data are deleted.  Submit your enquiry for an English translation by our experts today!

Why waste your time waiting for poorly translated texts if you can get quality at reasonable rates? Get our advice before placing an order, and let us talk we can do about your texts. For many years, our customers have appreciated our reliability and quality. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers for German ↔ English translations!

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